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Санузел для приюта бездомных.

In summer when the temperature reaches 30 degrees above zero appears a great desire to splash over oneself a bucket of water. That is what the homeless that dwell in the shelter “Our house”, are doing every day. This is one of the easiest ways to wash for them. But what they will do in winter, with the temperature 30 degrees below zero and no bath and toilet in the house?

At present there are 14 people at the shelter for the homeless “Our house” (Str. Chernovola 4 Drogobich, Lviv region. Ukraine, 82100). For winter period the number of shelter dwellers grows to 25 persons. All of them lost their homes due to different reasons. But today, thanks to the efforts of hundreds of people their homeless life is turning into a past, a past with a bitter experience, but still the PAST. Today they got the second chance for a new life. Once more they are learning to live in the community, to communicate with people, to plan their working day, to plan their budget, to help their neighbors.
Not so long time ago the shelter of the homeless was a total ruin. But thanks to hard building work of dozens of volunteers, Ukrainian and foreign, the former ruins can be proudly called today a house – “Our house”. It goes without saying that shelter dwellers will finish all inner works by their own efforts. But they still have one problem and for its solution they need our financial support. There is no bath and toilet in the building! The only one wooden toilet is outdoors. In summer when the weather is fine absence of a bathroom in the house is not a big problem, but in winter it will cause a lot of difficulties for shelter dwellers.

Perhaps all of us had at least once passed a homeless person and felt a great need to help. But every time we pass by saying that the situation with homeless people is so difficult that alone I can do nothing. Today we refer to you saying that all of us can help to solve this social problem and each of our Hryvnia can turn into a brick in the shelter for the homeless and help the homeless to return to normal life.

Fundraiser held at the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace

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