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По шпионски.

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, Host1Free has been the target of a very serious attack. All user data has been wiped and is irrecoverable - as per our terms of service, we are not obligated to keep copies or backup copies in-case these sort of things happen. Luckily we have a SolusVM backup from all the users only a couple of days ago, we will do our best to restore this backup and allow all users to continue using their services. But all client data has been lost. Please do not make threads in-regards to this as we are aware and there is nothing we can do.

Further updates will be rolled out as soon we get them, please keep an eye on the forum and check for the latest updates.

We deeply apologize for what has happened, this is completely out of our hands and we will do our best to maximize our resources and getHost1Free back online.

Please do not panic, your login accounts to SolusVM (VPS panel) will be fine, all data has been reset due to the attack on Host1Free. We have taken security measures to prevent this from happening ever again.

A few questions have been raised in-regards to the forums, the forum is completely fine and all data from the forum is in-tact, the forum was luckily not affected by the attack.

Как вскоре выяснилось, брешь в SolusVM - это последствия тяжелой атаки связанной с саммитом большой 8-ки в Ирландии. С удалением данных на всех серверах. Никогда не думал, что one-page-site забытого IT издания понадобится кому либо. Многие сайты, несмотря на бэкапы, ушли в тартарары еще две недели назад. Это был сайт pcroom.

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